Welcome to Murad Khani. Please Touch.

Print_3A new Silk Road. That is what artists and artisans are trying to build in Afghanistan. After decades of devastation in Kabul by the Soviets, Mujahideen, Taliban, and the Americans, residents of Murad Khani are reclaiming their culture, history, and arts. The Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery of Asian Art is currently exhibiting original art and handmade crafts using traditional methods and the stories of the Afghans learning the old techniques and teaching the next generation.

Photos I took of the displays of handmade rugs and the dyed wool and loom used to make them. print_4rugsMoriarty_Smithsonian-004

Exquisite and intricately hand-carved wood windows and frames. No nails were used in the frames!


Learn more about the exhibit and the Turquoise Mountain.

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