Room with a View…and porches with views… So many stunning views!

Mohonk Mountain House, a breathtakingly beautiful Victorian “castle” resort with its own crater lake and nestled in thousands of acres of protected mountain lands, was designed from the beginning to take advantage of the amazing views. Though very Victorian in style with lots of cozy nooks and crannies, there was a light-filled window, doorway to a balcony, or a breezy passageway at every turn.  Even lowly stairwells had incredible views.

One of my favorite balconies overlooking the gardens, lake and trees.  This was an overcast day and the gardens were extra lush.
A light-filled nook designed for enjoying the view.
A reading and conversation nook with private entry onto a balcony.
The Sunset Lounge next to the Sunset Porch. Stunning views of the Catskill Mountains.
A room with a view… Photo was taken from inside the house in a hallway where a little buffet was set-up for a meeting. Huge picture windows everywhere in the house.
Sunset Porch with rows of rocking chairs facing the Catskill Mountains awaiting the magical moment.
Main level grand porch with people taking refuge from a sudden rain shower. You can see a row of rocking chairs at the front of the porch for people to relax and enjoy the view.
A stone passage way with views of the gardens around the house.


This is the view from a stairwell!


Private rooms with own balconies and rocking chairs.

See more of Mohonk’s nature preserve, the gardens, and Victorian interior.


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