Scenes from Mohonk Mountain House

For a couple of days in mid-August I was lucky enough to spend time at the Mohonk Mountain House, a Victorian “castle” resort in New York.  Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains with views of the Catskills, a giant crater lake, lush formal gardens, and intricate Victorian designs, Mohonk was a spectacular retreat. Photos cannot do justice to the grandeur of the estate or the feeling being completely surrounded by thousands and thousands of acres of protected natural beauty.

From the Sunset Balcony this instrument allows guests to identify the Catskill mountains in the distance.
Enjoying the view from the Sunset Balcony.
A bridge over the lake on the property
All Mohonk as far as eye can see…
Rushing to flip over the kayaks and canoes during a sudden rain.
View from our room’s balcony.
Enjoying the view from the porch. Above is a corner of one of the many balconies of this beautiful Victorian resort.
Carriage and lush green lawns of Mohonk Mountain House.

See more of my Mohonk photos —   the gardens, picturesque windows and charming porches, and cozy Victorian interior.

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