Room with a View…and porches with views… So many stunning views!

Mohonk Mountain House, a breathtakingly beautiful Victorian “castle” resort with its own crater lake and nestled in thousands of acres of protected mountain lands, was designed from the beginning to take advantage of the amazing views. Though very Victorian in style with lots of cozy nooks and crannies, there was a light-filled window, doorway to…

Gardens of Mohonk Mountain House

      See more of my Mohonk photos —   the stunning natural landscape, picturesque windows and charming porches, and cozy Victorian interior.


Scenes from Brookside Gardens in Maryland.

Water Lilies in the Aquatic Gardens

Spent a fun day at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington, DC getting up close to the water lilies. Check out my portfolio for more water lilies.

Heaven’s Newest Angel

The sweet, lovely  Miss Layla passed away a couple of weeks ago. No doubt this fluffball got her wings and is cuddling with her grandpa, Frank. Her human parents, Laura & Jermaine, miss her. Thankfully we had a great photo session before she passed.


My all-time favorite photo. Taken when I was first learning photography…This was the first photo where I truly felt like I understood my camera and my camera understood me and we created something beautiful together.