3 Doors @ Blind Whino

My friend, Chris, recently introduced me to the Blind Whino, an arts club in SW Washington, DC. The building is brightly, boldly, and graphically painted from top to bottom. Here are some of the arched doorways of the Blind Whino. 

Rainbow Beagle

I took this photo back in 2013 at the Washington, DC Pride Parade.  ❤ dogs

Metro Poems

In general, the DC metro trains are devoid of any art or poetry but today from a single seat I had a plethora of reading material inscribed into the walls, window sill, and seat.

Rosslyn White Out

This is where I normally cross the street to go to the metro. Will need to get creative with my travel plans this week.

Missing Road

There is supposed to be a road around this tree.

My name written in Rosslynian

Fun little photo challenge – spell out your name with things, buildings, signs, etc from your neighborhood. These were all taken in the Rosslyn neighborhood with my phone.  Purposefully sized to be used for a Facebook cover photo at some point.